Hi, I'm Diego Navarro

Ph.D. Student totally obsessed with Interactive Technology, Psychophysiology, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Video Games

About Me

Hi!, my name is Diego Fernando Navarro Prada and I am a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden. The research I am conducting at BTH focuses in how different psychophysiological measurements can be used as an input for interaction in video games and virtual reality, among other applications. My research interests includes Game Design and Development, HCI, Emerging Interactive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Psychophysiological feedback.

I have worked as a research assistant for the Multimedia Research Group (GIM) at the Nueva Granada Military University in Bogotá, Colombia, between 2009 and 2012. Additionally, I had taught several courses for the Multimedia Engineering bachelor program at the same university. After finishing my master studies in 2014, I worked as an adjunct lecturer for the Department of Creatives Technologies at BTH. I was also the former examiner for the Artificial Intelligence for Games course. Currently, I am involved in the Research Orientation in Games and Software Engineering, Reserach methodologies in Games and Software Engineering, and Bachelor Thesis Supervision on Digital Game Development courses.

Finally and in addition to the previous information, Cycling is one of my other passions. It allows me to change gears and visualize ideas from a complete different perspective that looks something like this:

My Education


Doctor of Phylosophy Degree in Computer Science (2015-Ongoing).
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden.


Master of Science Degree on Interaction, Design and Game Technologies (2012-2014).
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden.


Magister Degree on Multimedia Management (2010-2011).
Saint Thomas Aquinas University, Bogota, Colombia.


Bachelor Degree on Multimedia Engineering (2003-2009).
Nueva Granada Military University, Bogota, Colombia.


The following is a list of selected publications:


D. Navarro and V. Sundstedt: "Evaluating Player Performance and Experience in Virtual Reality Game Interactions using the HTC Vive Controller and Leap Motion Sensor".
HUCAPP 2019, February 2019.


D. Navarro and V. Sundstedt: "Simplifying Game Mechanics: Gaze as an Implicit Interaction Method".
SIGGRAPH Asia 2017, November 2017.

F. Lopez, D. Navarro and V. Sundstedt: "Ethical Considerations for the Use of Virtual Reality: An Evaluation of Practices in Academia and Industry".
ICAT-EGVE 2017, November 2017.


V. Sundstedt, D. Navarro and J. Mautner: "Possibilities and challenges with Eye Tracking and Virtual Reality Applications".
SIGGRAPH Asia 2016, December 2016.


D. Navarro and V. Sundstedt "Improving Player Performance Through Gaze Aware Games".
CHIPlay 2014 - EyePlay Workshop, October 2014.


D. Navarro, W. Sarmiento, and M. Iregui, "Study of the efficient display of images on mobile devices with android".
2011 International Congress on Multimedia, September 2011.


A. Munoz, D. Navarro, and W. Sarmiento, "Monitoring and spatial location of points by stereo vision using the Nintendo Wii technology".
2nd International Congress on Computing and Telecomunications, COMTEL 2010, November 2010.

E. Cardenas, J. Ordonez, D. Navarro, and W. Sarmiento, "Simulation of pyroclastic flows for the Cerro Machin volcano".
2010 Colombian ESRI User conference, August 2010.


A. Moro, D. Navarro and W. Sarmiento, "Hand gesture grammar for 3D object manipulation".
2009 International Congress on Multimedia, October 2009.

Teaching Experience

I use Constructive Alignment and Socratic Debate as pedagogical methodologies for my teaching activities. The following is the list of the courses that I have taught, as well as the universities I taught them for.

Blekinge Institute of Technology






Nueva Granada Military University


Student Supervision

The following is a list of potential thesis topics that I would like to develop in the future. If you are interested in some of them, don't hesitate to contact me:

I have supervised the following successfully defended thesis projects:


O. Swing, "Using Gyriscope Technology to Implement a Leaning Technique for Game Interaction".
Main Supervisor. Bachelor thesis project.


A. Petrini and H. Forslin, "Evaluation of Player Performance with a Brain Computer Interface and Eye Tracking Control in an Entertainment Game Application".
Technical Supervisor (technology, implementation and interaction techniques). Master thesis project.

A. Olsson, "Evaluating immersion in video games through graphical user interfaces".
Main Supervisor. Bachelor thesis project.

V. Martell and A. Sandberg, "Performance evaluation of A* algorithms".
Main Supervisor. Bachelor thesis project.


G. Sosa, "Enhacing user experience when displaying 3D models and animations on mobile platforms: an augmented reality approach".
Main Supervisor. Bachelor thesis project.

G. During, "Evaluating game experience when using augment reality in real time strategy games".
Main Supervisor. Bachelor thesis project.

N. Ejdemyr, "Eye tracking as an additional input method in video games: using player gaze to improve player immersion and performance".
Main Supervisor. Bachelor thesis project.

Contact Me

I am really passionate about my research area and I am always willing to collaborate on different projects or to exchange ideas and experiences on academic events!

Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden.

Phone: +46 73-422-3543

Email: dna@bth.se